Help us give children born into extreme
poverty the future they deserve

We provide love, care and education to children from Peru’s poorest
communities. 90% of the children supported by the Sol y Luna
Foundation come from backgrounds of extreme poverty.


students are educated at the Sol y Luna School.


children receive special needs support via Paqari.


students have 100% of their costs covered by Sol y Luna (51% of the total students).


students and teachers are given healthy food at the Sol y Luna Canteen.


children live at the Sol y Luna Home.

What is the Sol y
Luna Foundation?

The Sol y Luna Foundation dates back to 1998 and is run by Petit Miribel who moved to Urubamba in the 1990s. The foundation consists of the Sol y Luna School, Paqari for special needs support, the Sol y Luna Home, and Roots & Wings for further education.

Who do we

90% of the children educated and cared for by the Sol y Luna Foundation come from backgrounds of extreme poverty. Many have experienced violence, suffered neglect or been abandoned. We give them love, support and a sense of hope for a bright future.

How can
I help?

There are many ways to get involved
with the Sol y Luna Foundation:

  • Make a donation
  • Become a member
  • Sponsor a child
  • Volunteer at the Sol y Luna School or Home
  • Donate clothes, school supplies or medication

Become a member
of the Sol y Luna Foundation

There are more than 70 members of the Sol
y Luna Foundation, they are companies and
individuals who play a key role in the
foundation or sponsor a child.

Here are some of our members:

Our members

Members of the Sol y Luna Foundation are companies and
individuals who play a key role in the foundation or sponsor a child.

The orphanage at Sol y Luna touched my heart like nothing else in a long time. The moment we arrived and met the children I knew I had to do something to help these beautiful children. We spent a morning chatting, seeing their rooms, looking around, playing games, having a snack and making them model aeroplanes which we brought to show them how you can fly around the world and meet wonderful people like them. They were totally engaged and it felt like we were with one big family. The main thing was that everyone was smiling with their hearts. Everyone was happy. You don’t find that sort of happiness everywhere, it’s a rare thing. It makes me very happy now to be part of their family too. Long may it continue. If you can change one life happiness will follow. The team are incredible with the children. The home is totally organised too. Please visit if you can. You will see what I mean.

Maggie Draycott, sponsor of Juan Carlos

In 2016 and 2018 I spent time at the Sol y Luna Foundation and was impacted by the daily work of Petit and her team. In 2019 I started to sponsor Ana Liz, but because of the pandemic I could not visit until August 2022. It was an unforgettable experience not only because Ana Liz is a beautiful and affectionate girl, but also seeing how the Sol y Luna team loves her and takes such good care of her. Three times a year I receive a detailed report with information about her academic progress. Ana Liz and the other children that live in the Sol y Luna Home are very well cared for and enjoy living in a family environment. The children have their bedrooms which they share with other children, a large dining room, kitchen, bathroom and a living room where they can study, read and play. On my recent visit I was able to spend precious time with Ana Liz, including a lunch at her parents house where I was welcomed by her mother and siblings. I feel very happy and proud to be able to form part of the Sol y Luna Foundation. Congratulations to Petit, Kelly and all the team for the daily work they are doing for all these children.

Jean Franken, sponsor of Ana Liz

Our first experience with the school was more than a decade ago; living in Urubamba for a few months, we obtained permission to enroll our daughters. Deep connection resulted from the friendships they made and the care we observed.

Sol y Luna is a place of warmth, safety, learning, and refuge—deeply meaningful to the children and to sponsors.

The children we assist have become part of our extended family. We think of them often, and cherish the recurring updates on their progress. Our involvement in their lives is an honor, one we hope to continue for decades to come.

John Montgomery, sponsor of Maricielo and Aaron


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Urubamba, Cusco – Perú

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