Sol & Luna Intercultural School

Holistic Education

Our school opened in 2010 with the vision of supporting the independent development of the children of the Sacred Valley by offering them a holistic education. For us, this means providing a high-quality academic education, ensuring the well-being of our students, and creating an inclusive environment.

How we work:

  •  Personalized attention
  •  Scholarship system
  •  Small groups
  •  School for Parents


Our school provides a well-rounded education, adapted to our students.
We work with 37 professionals who devote themselves every day to the children’s needs and development.

Our Educational Project

Our school follows the national curriculum.

We add specific courses that prepare our students for the working world, such as two hours a day of English classes, as well as Quechua and computer courses.

We motivate the children to love reading through Peru’s Plan for Readers. For this reason, the school has both a Spanish and an English-language library.

In our physical education classes, our students can let out their energy, be healthy, and learn good habits, values, and attitudes.

Since 2015, we have welcomed young people with special needs. Every day, students in our general education classes interact with the children in the special education program. This is an enriching experience for all and fosters values of respect, tolerance, and acceptance of difference.

With the goal of giving our students practical, job-related skills, we began the Hotel-School Program. We currently have participants studying cooking, laundry, and maintenance.

In order to offer experiential learning opportunities to our students, we organize school trips, intercultural and environmental projects, and days of celebration, including civic holidays.


We complement the children’s formal education with workshops.

Our Workshops

Ayni is our after-school academic support, where students can catch up on learning and get questions answered with the help of their classmates and the support of their teachers.

In 2013 we created the Advanced English Program. We selected a group of ten talented students, and they immediately started preparing for the Cambridge English: Young Learners Exam (YLE). In September 2015 they traveled to Lima for the test, and everyone passed with flying colors.

Learning about computers allows our students to effectively use information technology, search for and analyze data, and grow into informed, responsible citizens.

Artistic workshops are a very important resource that complement our students’ education. Therefore, we offer a variety of options so that they can discover and explore their abilities: ceramics, circus, corporal expression, and dance.

Health and Psychological Care

A sick child cannot study. Therefore, we ensure that both school staff and parents participate actively in our students’ care.

Holistic Care

Each child according to his or her needs receives personalized care from the professionals that work with us. When necessary, we fund operations, specialist consults, and other services.

Our speech and language therapist helps us on a consistent basis with children who have difficulty with language and communication.

Our physiotherapist helps students with special needs and works on both diagnoses and rehabilitation.

Our psychologist works with students with emotional or cognitive difficulties. She also supports the teachers and helps them with school-related problems and solutions. With regards to the parents, she holds interviews and organizes talks as part of the School for Parents.

Food and Transportation


In order for children to grow and concentrate on their learning, they need a healthy diet. Following a nutritional plan developed by Nacho, Head Chef at Sol y Luna Hotel, we offer a morning snack and a balanced lunch every day.


Some of our children come from remote towns and don’t have the resources to commute to school, and there are students with special needs who require specialized transportation. For all students with transportation issues, we offer a service that picks them up in the mornings and brings them home in the afternoons.